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Pedigree - Learn from Dogs

Pedigree - "Learn from Dogs" Documentary Series

Dogs bring out the good in us. Not only in goods times, when everything in life seems to be going our way, but also during the toughest times. It's during the challenging moments that we can learn the most from dogs, and can appreciate the value of the lessons taught. To show this, we’re creating film series featuring dog owners who learned great lessons from their dogs during emotionally and physically challenging times.

"Dark to Light" | Directors: Jeremiah Zagar + Nathan Caswell | Honors: One Show, Gold - Moving Image Craft - Sound Design / One Show, Merit - Online Films & Video - Short Form Single / AICP Winner, Sound Design / Clio Awards, Silver-Sound Design / Cristal Awards, Gold-Sound Design / Creativity Online Editor's Pick / Adweek Ad of the Day / Communication Arts Annual - Exhibit Feature / Communication Arts Advertising Annual 56 / Lürzer's Int'l Archive Vol.4 2015 Feature / Silver Addy / Adweek - 10 Ads that show why BBDO was US Agency of the Year / Fast Company Co.Create Top 5 Ads of the Week / CW's #1 Greatest Animal Commercial

"By My Side" | Directors: Jeremiah Zagar + Nathan Caswell | Honors Lürzer's Archive Int'l Archive Vol.4 Interview - Issue 4/2016, Lürzer's Archive Int'l Archive Vol.4 2015 Feature, One Show Finalist