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Pedigree - A Vote for Good

Pedigree - "A Vote for Good" Social Experiment

As the 2016 Presidential election neared, our polarized political climate brought out the worst in many Americans. Determined to remind people that we have more in common than not, we conducted a social experiment called “A Vote for Good.” We sent a woman wearing a Hillary shirt to a Trump rally with a “lost” dog. Then, sent her to a Hillary rally with a Trump shirt. The result was heartwarmingly positive – people on both sides found common ground through a mutual concern for dogs to help one another.

"A Vote for Good" | Director: Win Bates | Honors: Communication Arts 2017 Advertising Annual 58, Non-Traditional | Kinsale Sharks – Silver, Film, Branded Experience, One Show, Merit - Cross-Platform, Experiential-Guerilla, Bronze Clio Social Media Social Video, One Show, Merit - Broadcast / Short Form Single, Campaign US Top 5 Most viewed Ads of 2016, #5, Directory Magazine, Winner, Film Online and Digital

Campaign Results:

This 3-minute film aired 7 times on CNN and FoxNews the night before and day-of the election in addition to our social channels. The results were overwhelming: 2MM+ views on Facebook (99% positive!), 2.55MM+ on Youtube, 13.3mm reach on CNN, 12.2mm on FoxNews, 442 earned placements, and 124.6m earned impressions. Best of all, we brought out the good in all of us.