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IBM - Sports

IBM Sports - "Data is a Game Changer"

I lead the launch of the IBM sports platform and the "Data is a Game Changer" campaign in the U.S. This initiative gave IBM the ability to demonstrate its powerful data analytics capabilities across all industries using a topic in which c-level executives pay very close attention. Our first big initiative was the The IBM Game Changer Interactive Wall, which turned complex data from all over the US Open grounds into fun for fans.  


"Tennis Needs Nerds" – Watch the Case Study Film

“IBM Game Changer Interactive Wall” | Production: Hush


IBM Masters TV

“How I Play Golf” TV :30

“Tools” TV :30 | Director: Matthew Cullen

Not every tweet can be smart. Unless you attach something smart to every tweet. US Open CourtConnect is the first social media experience to attach real-time stats and analysis to Tweets and Facebook posts during a live sporting event. This campaign predated the official IBM Sports platform.

“IBM US Open Court Connect”