Creative Director / Copywriter

IBM - Smarter Planet

IBM Smarter Planet

As one of the most renowned campaigns in recent memory, the IBM Smarter Planet brand platform helped establish a voice and vision in a world that’s becoming increasingly more intelligent and interconnected. In addition to working alongside many talented people on the launch and brand campaign, I ran the efforts targeting midsize businesses.

The brief for Midsize Businesses: IBM had a problem. The majority of midsize businesses believed that IBM was just too big or expensive to help them. So we created a Smarter Planet campaign that went beyond big business and government to reach out to smaller companies. I lead the midmarket Smarter Planet creative effort that demonstrated how IBM is helping midsized businesses level the playing field against larger competition. 

Agency: Ogilvy, Role: Creative Director, Copywriter

"Tasty Data" :30 TV Agency: Ogilvy | Role: Creative Director, Copywriter | Director: Terri Timely

IBM Emoto - Facebook Happiness App 
Emoto is an emotion detection app that can pinpoint your happiest memories just by measuring the varying expressions on your face while you look through your Facebook photos. We developed this app to highlight the technology one company developed using the help of an IBM Business Partner. Agency: Ogilvy, Role: Creative Director